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A healthy path to change...

In the deep Southern United States we are at the bottom of self reported wellbeing rankings. Culturally, the naivety continuing our current unhealthy lifestyles is disabling.  Our health statistics reveal bodily harm that we are inflicting on ourselves and conditioning in our children. We are collectively on the final notch of the "Bible Belt." If finding out the diseases of our minds and bodies were self-inflicted, wouldn't we want to make a change?

Radical diets, manufactured additives, and excessive pharmaceuticals are overwhelming and ultimately prejudice toward monetary gain.  Our bodies are a temple, which needs daily renewal. However, acquiring a source of trustworthy, unbiased information, designed specifically for the good of your body can feel daunting. 

When deciding to make a healthy change the path can be the hardest vision to establish.

To establish is to set up on a firm and permanent basis.  From the very start, Establish Wellness aims to equip it's audience with education for honest perspectives via information on mental, physical, and spiritual health, enacting positive growth and ultimately supporting a path for a lasting change. 

We have been given a gift of power, love and self discipline. Let us put it to use. Let us Establish Wellness.