Pain Salve

Pain Salve

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500mg CBD salve for small localized areas of arthritis, pain, and inflammation.

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    CBD Hemp Salve is made with only the finest organic compounds. Beginning with bases of organic shea butter, mango butter, olive oils, almond oils, our most potent CBD hemp extract and natural essential oils. 

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    The Breckenridge Hemp Co/Brecken Gold industrial-hemp derived supplements, and the majority of industrial-hemp products on the market, contain a naturally occurring trace amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  The amount of THC in our products never exceeds 0.3% concentration by weight, per state and federal regulations and definitions of industrial hemp, and while it is highly unlikely that one would fail a traditional drug test from using our products, that possibility cannot be ruled out. Taking excessive amounts of industrial hemp products, the type or method of drug test utilized, and an employer’s or organization’s requirements and policies, among other things, are factors that may influence drug test results. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and placing an order with us, you are indicating that you understand that failing a drug test is a possibility when using industrial hemp products, and that you waive the right to make a claim against The Breckenridge Hemp Co for any matters related to any drug test you take or the results of any such drug test, including the loss of employment or any employment opportunity or the imposition of a civil or criminal penalty.

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